[R] S & R Public Training Courses in the UK

Richard Pugh rpugh at mango-solutions.com
Wed Jul 30 15:02:08 CEST 2003

(Sorry - my poor attempts at formatting made that last email illegible!
Here's a version that makes more sense ...)

Mango Solutions are pleased to announce the following public courses in
the UK.

Course	Advanced S-PLUS Programming 
Date		29th - 31st October
Location	Oxford
URL		www.mango-solutions.com/pubadvanceds.htm

Course	R Programming 
Date		11th - 13th November
Location	London
URL		www.mango-solutions.com/pubrprogramming.htm

Course	R for S-PLUS Users
Date		14th November
Location	London
URL		www.mango-solutions.com/pubstor.htm

For more information, visit the Mango Solutions home page at

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