[R] contourplot:how to get it to label all contours like 'contour'

adiamond@fas.harvard.edu adiamond at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 27 08:50:25 CEST 2003


one of the nice things about contour is that it labels all contour lines.
contourplot only labels each particular elevation a single time.
i.e., if there are two contour lines corresponding to z = 45, it will only 
label one of them.

is there a way to get contourplot to automatically label all the contour lines, 
even those that are repeated?

i ask because i want to plot contour plots *w/ all contours labelled*, next to  
wireframe plots-- i can plot two lattice plots (wireframe and contourplot)
next to each other easily enough, but contourplot doesn't label all contours.

AND, i can get contour to label all of 'em, but then i don't know how to put 
an 'Old Style' contour plot alongside the lattice wireframe.
mfrow doesn't work for wireframe, & i can't "print" plots generated by contour.

any help is much appreciated.



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