[R] Re: Programs stopped working--.print

Peter Muhlberger peterm at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Jul 26 19:32:31 CEST 2003

Thank you to everyone who replied to my curious problem, which just got more
curious.  Today I closed my copy of R, opened up a different copy of .RData
(in another directory), one that didn't have the ".print" problem.  Worked
w/ that for a few minutes.  Then closed R again & restarted from the copy of
.RData that was giving me the ".print" problem in all my programs (and
consistently gave me that problem, even when I reloaded it yesterday).  All
those problems disappeared, even running exactly the same code I couldn't
get to work yesterday.  The "."'s disappeared from the code as well.  Go
figure!  I guess I'll always keep a copy of my current .RData file, just in
case this happens again.  For those who asked, I'm working w/ R 1.7.0 on an
OS X 10.2.6 system.

Thanks again,


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