[R] inverse prediction and Poisson regression

Vincent Philion vincent.philion at irda.qc.ca
Fri Jul 25 21:16:31 CEST 2003

Hello to all: first and foremost: thank you for all this input. I only discovered about "R" last week (!) and I think I will dump my SAS license!!!


This is a very dynamic listserve!
You "R" all great! Thank you!

I just hope some day I can help out a student the way you did today.

I will spend part of the weekend studying the different suggestions in detail. Again, I'm not a stats person, so I will need some time and good coffee to digest all this correctly. (I'm most worried about understanding the nonlin suggestion.) Early next week, I will post a "summary" of the suggestions and the path I chose to follow. (with proper syntax Professor Ripley, I promise)


Have a nice weekend

Best regards,

Vincent Philion

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