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This is not a direct answer to your question, but there exists a pretty
good linear, mixted and integer programming package called lp_solve.  I
have used it successfully  on a couple of projects.  As far as I know it is
in the public domain and there is source code available.  There is also a
precompiled version available for Windows Visual Basic environment
containing a precompiled DLL and an interface module defining VB function
calls to the DLL.  I think, that having all that it should be possible to
get something going in R, at least in the Windows environment.

Hope this helps,


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Dear all,

I am a relative newcomer to the R language, and am sussing out
the possibilities of using R to do integer programming (which I am
also new to).  Is there something along the lines of the NUOPT S-
PLUS package that is available, or on the way, for R?  Are there
other options for integer programming in R?

Thanks very much in advance,

Robin Naidoo
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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