[R] contourplot: how to ensure all (or certain) 'cuts' get labelled

Alexis J. Diamond adiamond at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 25 01:18:08 CEST 2003

hi all,

contourplot generates a nice plot, but there are cut lines that don't have
labels in my figure.
i think this is because there's a high ridge stretching
north-west/south-east entirely across the plot, diagonal-to-diagonal,
and contourplot only wants to label each elevation-level only once, which
means only lines in the upper-right quadrant got labelled.

is there some way to *identify* and label a cutpoint that has no label,
or to force contourplot to label each (or a particular) cutpoint?

if i knew what the label should be on a given label-less cutpoint, i could
probably insert it in as text myself.  but i don't even know what it should be.

by the way, does anyone know why i got only 5 cuts, when i specified
"cuts = 10"?


ps-- i am open to using *contour* instead of *contourplot* if this gives
me more control over the output.

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