[R] R-WinEdt problems

JEFFREY C JORGENSEN jcjorgensen at wisc.edu
Fri Jul 25 00:10:02 CEST 2003


I've done most all the various steps outlined in a
recent posting to the mailing list archives
(and in the help files) to load and run R-WinEdt.  I
can get it to run fine but I am not successful in
getting it to interface with RGui (1.6.2, not
minimized).  I try to use the R-line, R-source,
R-paste buttons with no success.  [All the necessary
*.edt files appear to be in the proper directories.]

I've done everything except modify the rprofile or
the options().  Is that necessary, and if so how
exactly do I do that?  And, if I do modify them how
do I restore them back to their default settings?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jeff Jorgensen
jcjorgensen at wisc.edu

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