[R] Problem w/ source

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 24 17:27:10 CEST 2003

Well, we feel that source does work the way that it is documented to
work.  Please read the documentation and notice that the entire file
is evaluated as one step in the read-eval-print loop.  If you want to
print the results of individual function calls you will need to change
your script to


Peter Muhlberger <peterm at andrew.cmu.edu> writes:

> I'm trying to use the source command to run commands from a file.  For
> instance:  source("do.R"), where do.R is a file in the same directory in
> which I am running R.
> The contents of do.R are:
> ls()
> print("hello")
> sum(y1)
> mean(y1)
> After  source("do.R"), all I see is:
> > source("do.R")
> [1] "hello"
> I'm using the X11 version of R for Mac OS X (downloadable binary).  Does
> anyone know how to get source to work?
> Thanks!
> Peter
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