[R] median and joint distribution

Salvatore Barbaro sbarbar at gwdg.de
Thu Jul 24 13:56:22 CEST 2003

Dear R-"helpers"!

May I kindly ask the pure statistics-experts to help me for a
purpose which first part is not directly concerned with R.
Consider two distribution functions, say f and g. For both, the
median is smaller than a half. Now, the multiplicative or additive
linkage of both distribution leads to a new distribution function,
say h, whereas the median of h is greater than a half. Does
anybody know under which circumstances such a construction of h is
possible (my intuition is that it depends on the correlation of f
and g) or can anybody advice a helpful literature. Furthermore,
does anybody know whether or how such a construction can be done
with R. Thanks in advance.


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