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Joanne Chory chory at salk.edu
Wed Jul 23 23:54:59 CEST 2003

Bioinformatics Specialist(Full-Time)

Biostatistician  To work closely with Ph.D. level biologists in the area of
quantitative genetics, including array analysis and software development.
Strength in computer programming is required. Experience with
R/bioconductor, perl, and C.  Must be able to execute statistical methods
including linear and nonlinear models, Hidden Markov Models, and Bayesian
methods. Familiarity with multiple testing, permutation, cross-validation,
cluster analysis is needed.  Be able to perform simulations and test
experimental design strategies. Array data includes standard and custom
Affymetrix designs. Extensive opportunity to publish. M.S. or Ph.D. plus at
least two years experience in statistical analysis and programming required.
Position available beginning September 1, 2003.

Please send your CV and salary history to biostat at natural.salk.edu


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