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Luis Miguel Almeida da Silva lsilva at fc.up.pt
Tue Jul 22 16:10:47 CEST 2003

I didn't noticed that fact. I've already found a way to do that
x <- 1:40
colnames(df.treino) <- paste("Ncp",x,sep=".")
and this generates names that I can relate with the variables. Thanks anyway
The problem is that I use rpart in a loop and the class labels are in the last column. For the above example I would "type"
But in the next step of the loop I can have only 35 variables and the class labels would be at the Ncp.36. So I have to refresh the formula in rpart... and that is my problem

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	On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Luis Miguel Almeida da Silva wrote:
	> Dear helpers
	> I want to use rpart several times in a loop to build a classification tree. My problem is that rpart needs a formula as argument and for that the variables need to have names and this doesn't happen in my case. Every iteration in the loop has a different dataset with several variables (ex. 38 or more) and so I can't type the names by hand every time. Is there any function that generates names for variables in a dataframe. If so, how can I use then the argument
	If your data is organised in a data.frame, (dummy) variable names are
	available by default:
	R> mydata <- data.frame(matrix(rnorm(25), ncol=5))
	R> mydata
	          X1          X2         X3         X4          X5
	1  1.3806313 -0.41827136  0.9591628 -1.3351038  0.02746110
	2  0.5114590 -1.34111439 -0.9617552 -0.8367088 -0.06913021
	3 -1.7508089 -0.49387076 -1.7597395  2.3899490 -0.15209650
	4 -1.6753809 -1.28381808 -1.0424903  0.1002998  0.27784949
	5 -0.2605535 -0.09035652 -2.5786418  1.0483400 -0.70445615
	R> rpart(X1 ~ ., data = mydata)
	n= 5
	node), split, n, deviance, yval
	      * denotes terminal node
	1) root 5 7.463698 -0.3589306 *
	> rpart(classlabels~. ,.....)
	> thanks
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