[R] curves with shaded areas?

Christophe Declercq cdeclercq at nordnet.fr
Tue Jul 22 14:06:38 CEST 2003

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> I want to make a plot with abline where the area below or above the
> curve is shaded. I can't find any documentation on that. Can anybody
> help me with that?

You have to play with par("usr").

See the toy example below, perhaps a little naive, but it seems to do what
you want.

mydf<-data.frame(x=tmp, y=0.5*tmp+rnorm(100))
plot(y~x, mydf)
myreg<-lm(y~x, mydf)
  cbind(x1, predict(myreg, data.frame(x=x1))),
  cbind(rev(x1), rep(y1,2))
polygon(myxy, col="grey")

I hope it helps.

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