[R] Problem indexing into array

Ted Harding Ted.Harding at nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Fri Jul 18 18:54:55 CEST 2003

> Hi Folks,
> Can anyone give me the tip I've been groping for with the
> following question:?
> mu: kx2x2x2 array of reals corresponding to means of k RVs
>             at the combinations of values (1,2)x(1,2)x(1,2)
>             of dichotomous variables F1,F2,F3
>     mu prints out as k rows (one for each Xi) of 8 numbers
Sorry -- this line may have misled. Suppose originally mu is
as it describes:

       F3=1  F3=1  F3=1  F3=1  F3=2  F3=2  F3=2  F3=2
       F2=1  F2=1  F2=2  F2=2  F2=1  F2=1  F2=2  F2=2
       F1=1  F1=2  F1=1  F1=2  F1=1  F1=2  F1=1  F1=2
mu_1  1.111 1.211 1.121 1.221 1.112 1.212 1.122 1.222
mu_2  2.111 2.211 2.121 2.221 2.112 2.212 2.122 2.222
mu_k  k.111 k.211 k.121 k.221 k.112 k.212 k.122 k.222

and suppose it is converted into an array:


Now the rest, below, refers to the latter form of mu.
Apologies for any confusion, and thanks for any help!

> M:  N x (3+k) matrix of cases. The first 3 cols are values
>             of (F1,F2,F3) as above (and the remainder are values
>             of (X1,...,Xk) but this doesn't really matter).
> AIM: For each row of M, find from mu the set of k means
>     mu_1,...,mu_k corresponding to the values of F1, F2, F3
>     in that row. E.g. if M[1,1:3] -> 2,1,1 I want mu[,2,1,1]
> BUT: Not to have to do it by mu[,M[1,1],M[1,2],M[1,3]] but more
>     like mu[,M[1,1:3]] -- except that this kind of try does not
>     work, leading to error: "incorrect number of dimensions".
> So:
> HOW To construct an object F from M[1,1:3] such that
>     mu[,F] gives mu[,2,1,1]
> NEXT QUESTION: If the above can be done, I'd really like to be
> able to "vectorise" it so as to get ti all at once from all the
> rows of M, rather than having to bind the results of a loop over
> the rows of M, i.e. achieve what you'd naively expect
>     mu[,M[,1:3]]
> to do (except that even mu[,M[1,1:3]] won't work).
> With thanks,
> Ted.
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