[R] Minor nuisance with rw1071

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jul 18 15:54:40 CEST 2003

Dear Brian,

At 08:32 AM 7/18/2003 +0100, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>I believe it's a side effect of starting up tcltk.  That grabs focus for
>its invisible window: there's a kludgy workaround in the tcltk startup
>code, but that it looks like that is not working during the startup
>(which here seems to be something in .RData).

That there's something in .RData causing the problem is a good guess. To 
provide a bit more context: Kjetil reports to me that he's unable to use 
the Rcmdr GUI without generating "Warning: The use of _ is soon to be 
removed: you will be warned repeatedly" and parse errors. Of course, I 
don't use underscores in any of my code.

The only other similar report that I received was from Martin Maechler 
using Rcmdr under Emacs/ESS on a Linux machine. That problem went away when 
he ran R from a terminal rather than from Emacs, but perhaps that was 
coincidence. (Rcmdr works for me under XEmacs/ESS under Windows, though 
it's not a natural marriage.)

As a more general matter, I've encountered but been able to work around a 
variety of focus problems using the tcltk package.


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