SV: [R] dbApply and data.frame

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Fri Jul 18 12:59:02 CEST 2003

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Sendt: 17. juli 2003 23:32
Til: Thomas W Blackwell
Cc: Jesper Runge Madsen; 'r-help'
Emne: Re: [R] dbApply and data.frame

>I.e. R is not *supposed* to crash, so either there is a platform
>dependency  or (more likely) it is triggered by an earlier memory
>corruption in dbApply() or the database backend. What kind of machine
>is this happening on? Would it be possible for you to run under the
>debugger so that we could get a bit more information.
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I am using a 900 Mhz Athlon, with 512 mb ram, and windows XP. And an IBM
Thinkpad T23 also with XP and 512 mb ram. 

I don't know how to run under the debugger but I have found out that if
I save my workspace, shuts down R and reopen R with the saved workspace,
then I can run 


With no problems, and even write my data to the MySQL afterwards. 

Can it be caused by the packages RMySQL and DBI. I have tried just to
detach them before converting my list to a data.frame but R still
crashes them.


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