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I posted a similar question some time ago, and got the answer below. Ruud

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On 7/17/2003 at 5:22  Barry Rowlingson wrote:

>Carlos J. Gil Bellosta wrote:

>  Correct but possibly not sufficiently precise (where's Brian Ripley 
>when we need him?).

>On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Ruud H. Koning wrote:
>> Hello, which C++ compiler is recommended for writing code to be used in
>> S-Plus and R? I am using windows2000 as operating system. Thanks, Ruud
>S-PLUS <= 2000  Watcom C++ (not really available any more)
>S-PLUS 6.x: Microsoft VC++6 (possibly hard to get now)
>R: MinGW port of gcc-3.2.
>In each case the information is in the documentation.  In all cases if you
>know what you are doing you can use any C++ compiler that can create a
>DLL, but using the recommended compiler makes life a lot easier when you
>want to call entry points in the S-PLUS/R main DLL.
>You can see further details and worked examples in `S Programming' and its
>on-line complements.
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