[R] confused about histograms

Tony Plate tplate at blackmesacapital.com
Thu Jul 17 23:50:32 CEST 2003

 > hist(sample(0:3, 10, T), breaks=(0:4)-0.5)

At Thursday 02:32 PM 7/17/2003 -0700, Jay Pfaffman wrote:
>I've got a data set with integer codes from 0--3.  I'd like a
>histogram with a single bar for 0, 1, 2 and 3.  I'd like each of the 4
>bars centered over a label.
>     hist(mydata,  breaks=4, main="Simulation")
>gives me three bars.  The best I've been able to do is do something
>    print(hist((wexp),  breaks=25, main="Simulation"))
>This gives me something close to what I want, but seems like a silly
>way to do it.  I'm about to give up and have someone do it in Excel
>(which peeves me to no end).
>To further complicate matters, one data set has no items in the zero
>cell.  I'd like that graph to look like the others (using my stupid
>hack above it has bars that are a different width).
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