[R] Fatal error in SJava.

Heinz Grimm grimm.heinz at rcc.ch
Thu Jul 17 15:58:20 CEST 2003

>Dear r-helpers,

>I have been trying to invoke R from Java in a Windows 2000 computer 
>(unfortunately). All my environment variables seem to be properly set, 
>everything seems to be in order, but I obtaining a

>Fatal error: unable to open the base package

>error window.


>Some time ago I found a number of messages by another person facing the 
>same problems and he said that when R was invoked directly, it could 
>properly read the R_HOME variable, but when invoked from Java, it 
>searched for the base package in the wrong place (a subdirectory of the 
>jre, if my memory is to be trusted).

This was filed as bug 2003. I have exchanged some emails with Professor
Ripley and he convinced me, that it's not a bug in R. The problem is
by SJava, that doesn't invoke R as described in src/gnuwin32/front-ends.
I have appended a new version of REmbedWin.c, based on the samples in
src/gnuwin32/front-ends, that solves this problem. You just have to
SJava with the new version of REmbedWin.c. I have tested it with
JDK1.3.1 on
Windows 2000, not with JDK1.4.1.

Heinz Grimm

/* REmbedWin.C
 * avoids problem with loading base package
/* 27/03/2000 win32-api needs this */
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <config.h>
#include <Rversion.h>
#include <Startup.h>
/* for askok and askyesnocancel */
#include <graphapp/graphapp.h>

/* for signal-handling code */
#include <psignal.h>

/* one way to allow user interrupts: called in ProcessEvents */
#ifdef _MSC_VER
__declspec(dllimport) int UserBreak;
#define UserBreak     (*_imp__UserBreak)
extern int UserBreak;

/* calls into the R DLL */
extern char *getDLLVersion();
extern void R_DefParams(Rstart);
extern void R_SetParams(Rstart);
extern void setup_term_ui(void);
extern void ProcessEvents(void);
extern void end_Rmainloop(void), R_ReplDLLinit(void);
extern int R_ReplDLLdo1();
extern void run_Rmainloop(void);

/* simple input, simple output */

/* This version blocks all events: a real one needs to call
   frequently. See rterm.c and ../system.c for one approach using
   a separate thread for input */
int myReadConsole(char *prompt, char *buf, int len, int addtohistory)
    fputs(prompt, stdout);
    if(fgets(buf, len, stdin)) return 1;
    else return 0;

void myWriteConsole(char *buf, int len)
    printf("%s", buf);

void myCallBack()
    /* called during i/o, eval, graphics in ProcessEvents */

void myBusy(int which)
    /* set a busy cursor ... if which = 1, unset if which = 0 */

static void my_onintr(int sig)
    UserBreak = 1;

void winInit_R()
  char *argv[] = {"SJava", "--no-save", "--silent"};
  int argc;
  argc = sizeof(argv)/sizeof(argv[0]);

  structRstart rp;
  Rstart Rp = &rp;
  char Rversion[25], RUser[MAX_PATH], RHome[MAX_PATH], *p;

  sprintf(Rversion, "%s.%s", R_MAJOR, R_MINOR);
  if(strcmp(getDLLVersion(), Rversion) != 0)
    fprintf(stderr, "Error: R.DLL version does not match\n");

    strcpy(RHome, getenv("R_HOME"));
    fprintf(stderr, "R_HOME must be set\n");
  Rp->rhome = RHome;
   * try R_USER then HOME then working directory
  if (getenv("R_USER"))
    strcpy(RUser, getenv("R_USER"));
  } else
  if (getenv("HOME"))
    strcpy(RUser, getenv("HOME"));
  } else
  if (getenv("HOMEDIR"))
    strcpy(RUser, getenv("HOMEDIR"));
    strcat(RUser, getenv("HOMEPATH"));
  } else
    GetCurrentDirectory(MAX_PATH, RUser);
  p = RUser + (strlen(RUser) - 1);
  if (*p == '/' || *p == '\\') *p = '\0';
  Rp->home = RUser;
  Rp->CharacterMode = LinkDLL;
  Rp->ReadConsole = myReadConsole;
  Rp->WriteConsole = myWriteConsole;
  Rp->CallBack = myCallBack;
  Rp->message = askok;
  Rp->yesnocancel = askyesnocancel;
  Rp->busy = myBusy;

  Rp->R_Quiet = TRUE;
  Rp->R_Interactive = FALSE;
  Rp->RestoreAction = SA_RESTORE;
  Rp->SaveAction = SA_NOSAVE;
  Rp->CommandLineArgs = NULL;
  Rp->NumCommandLineArgs = 0;
  /* Rp->nsize = 300000;
     Rp->vsize = 6e6; */
  R_SetParams(Rp); /* so R_ShowMessage is set */


  signal(SIGBREAK, my_onintr);

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