[R] line length limitation in ROracle

lutz.thieme@amd.com lutz.thieme at amd.com
Thu Jul 17 14:09:50 CEST 2003

Hello everybody,

I found that queries (send by "dbExecStatement" ) with more than 4000 characters
length produces an error in ROracle (ver 0.3-3). Maybe there is a limitation of 4kB.... 
Is this a bug? If yes, is this problem solved in the latest version of ROracle (ver 0.5-0)?

My system information:

platform sparc-sun-solaris2.8
arch     sparc               
os       solaris2.8          
system   sparc, solaris2.8   
major    1                   
minor    5.1                 
year     2002                
month    06                  
day      17                  
language R      

Thank you in advance for your support!

	Kind regards,


	Lutz Thieme
	Product Engineering
	AMD Saxony Limited Liability Company & Co. KG
	M/S E22-PE, Wilschdorfer Landstr. 101
	D-01109 Dresden, Gemany
	phone:	+ 49-351-277 -  4269
	fax:		+ 49-351-277-9-4269

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