[R] Stem and leaf display?

Richard Rowe Richard.Rowe at jcu.edu.au
Wed Jul 16 09:11:23 CEST 2003

At 18:08 16/07/03 +1200, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
>I would like to do some fairly basic stem-and-leaf displays in R.
>I am aware (I might even say painfully aware) of stem(base) and
>have tried it.  That's why I'm hoping someone has a usable stem-
>and-leaf display for R so that I don't have to write my own.
>r-project.org > Search > R Site Search > "stem and leaf display"
>finds nothing.
>I also tried the mail archive search, but couldn't figure out how
>to search the bodies of the messages.
>For the record, there are some less important things that I would
>like to have (like depths and outlier lines), and it is a pity that
>the "atom" argument of stem() is effectively undocumented (it's a
>tolerance, fine, but what _of_ and how used?),

Source is available ...

>  but I'd put up with stem() the way it is if only it didn't do things 
> like displaying
>5.67 and 5.78 as
>     56 | 78
>which makes it effectively unusable.  What good is a stem and leaf
>plot where you can't recover the leading digits of the numbers correctly?


 > x<-c(5.67, 5.78)
 > stem(x)

   The decimal point is 1 digit(s) to the left of the |

   56 | 7
   57 |
   57 | 8

What are you doing?

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