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BORGULYA Gábor borgulya at gyer2.sote.hu
Mon Jul 14 19:16:54 CEST 2003

Dear R-users,

Some hours ago I successfully installed R 1.7.1 on my Linux computer 
(SuSE 8.1). Now I am trying to get my scripts work which I have written 
for R/Windows.

* While with Windows I was able to use the vowels with the accents 
present in the Hungarian language:

 > d$crude.inc<-d$esetszám/d$évközepi.lélekszám*1000000

the same line leads to an error on Linux:

 > d$crude.inc<-d$esetszám/d$évközepi.lélekszám*1000000
Error: syntax error

* This must be a difference in the behaviour of R, not the operating 
system because the following tests passed (even with a filename!) :

 > t<-"évközepi.lélekszám"
 > t
[1] "évközepi.lélekszám"

 > filename<-"csoportok_lélek_és_esetszámai.csv"
 > d=read.csv2(filename)

The special characters are accepted inside strings, but not as names of 
Could you tell me what to set in R to make it accept these special 
characters as names?

Thank you,


Semmelweis University of Budapest, 2nd Dept of Paediatrics
Hungarian Paediatric Cancer Registry
phone: +36 - 1 - 4591500 / 2834

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