[R] Disgrace - R-package for interactive plotting.

M.Kondrin mkondrin at hppi.troitsk.ru
Tue Jul 15 04:53:19 CEST 2003

I have just finished writing some script to do interactive plotting with 
grid package (thanks Paul Murrell). One can change plots attributes, 
zoom-in region of interest on the fly, shuffle axes on page etc. It also 
has nice GTK interface (thanks Duncan Temple Lang). It is not as 
powerful as standard R graphics, but may be useful to do every-day 
plotting or for novices and/or people addicted to Matlab5.0-style 
graphing (me for example).
There is no Rd or even README files for it, but some information in bad 
English about it as well as its sources may be found here:
Any suggestions,bug-reports,flames and so on are welcome.

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