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How *exactly* did you "run the regression" in R?  There are several ways,
and it can make a big difference for large data sets.  lm() would be the
most expensive option.  If I'm not mistaken, lsfit() is more "lean and
mean".  You can even do it more or less by hand, by calling qr() directly.
There's also a disussion in Venables & Ripley's "S Programming" on this
subject (for Splus).


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> Daer all,
> I have the problem. I could not run the regression, because I 
> have always the warning message "memory.size". from the help 
> file I learned that it is possible to increase the memory 
> size, but I did not undestand how could I do it. Could you 
> please explaine it to me. I would be very grateful for it.
> The second question: I obtained from the regression the 
> coefficient "6.003e-3" and "0.0345e+3". What daos it mean?
> Thanks a lot,
> Silika
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