[R] Coloured 3d surface

Peter Kraft pkraft at zoology.uq.edu.au
Mon Jul 14 01:22:33 CEST 2003


I created a 3d surface (persp) with some points overlaid on it, which is 
fine. Now I have a second set of z-values(x,y-values same as the first 
surface), which I would like to make visible on the same graph, however, 
not as a surface, but rather as coloured contour on the first surface, 
so that the resulting graph will consist of the original surface having 
the colour of the second set of z-values; I managed to create a coloured 
contour plot, whereby the the contours are based on the first set of 
z-values and the second set is a colour-coded overlay. If I could do 
this in 3-d I would be happy for any hint you could give me.

Thanks for any help


Peter Kraft
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Queensland

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