[R] question regarding GAM from a novice (in GAM as well as in R)

Tor A Strand Tor.Strand at cih.uib.no
Sat Jul 12 18:50:21 CEST 2003

Need to use generalized additive models and have therefore obtained R

I am able to do the analysis but I have problems understanding the syntax
and the options

Can someone explain what some of the terms do in this model do:?

c<-gam(depvar~var1+var2+s(var3)+s(var4, by=var5)+s(var6, var7)+s(var8,3),
data=xdataset ) 

I do not use the terms including var4- var8 in my model, just want to know
what they do. 

+s(var4, by=var5)
+s(var6, var7)

Furthermore, the results become rather different when I change the model to:

c<-gam(depvar~var1+var2-1+s(var3)+s(var4, by=var5)+s(var6, var7)+s(var8,3),
data=xdataset ) 
# note just adding a -1


Please forgive my ignorance.

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