[R] unimodality test

Jerome Sackur sackur at heraclite.ens.fr
Fri Jul 11 12:17:33 CEST 2003

Dear R users,

I am interested in uni- bi- multimodality tests, for analysing reaction
times data. I was lead to Hartigan's dip test (Ann. Statistics, 13, 1985,
pp. 70-84, Applied Statistics, 34, 1985, 320-325). Not being a programmer
I am unable to translate the Fortran code given in ref. 2 into a R
function. I'd be glad to learn that someone already did it, or has devised
a better solution for this kind of problem..

Thanks a lot in advance,

J. Sackur
Inserm U562
Orsay, France

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