[R] R and XP

Duncan Murdoch dmurdoch at pair.com
Fri Jul 11 04:23:50 CEST 2003

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:58:35 +1000, you wrote:

>Dear whom this may concern,
>I am having problems running R under windows XP. I can source files and get all the functions loaded, but when directing it to a file to carry out analyses it comes up with an error message. I am using R for analyses of gpr files generated from microarray slides using Axon genepix 2000.
>I hope you have a solution to my problems.

Generally if you want help, you need to give enough information to
people to understand your problem. For example, you need to tell us
what you were doing when you saw the error, and what the error message
was, in enough detail that we can do the same thing on our machines
and see it ourselves.  

Simplify the task down to something very simple that you think should
work but doesn't:  often in doing that, you'll figure out what's wrong
with what you're doing, and won't need to ask anyone for help.

Duncan Murdoch

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