[R] Help with R Installation on Debian 2.2.19 (old stable/potato)

Shashank Bhide shashank at bmb-fs1.biochem.okstate.edu
Thu Jul 10 17:47:58 CEST 2003

Hi all,
    I hope this is the correct list to post such a question.
I was trying to install the R-project on Debian and encountered significant 
problems with the same.
   The main problem is the installation of the libc6 package. I need this 
package in order to install the R-core package. However, the libc6 is 
dependent on the libdb1-compat package, which just refuses to install on my 
   I tried to install it yesterday and it ended up crashing my system and 
messing up the old Apache. Does anyone have a procedure to install 
R-project on Debian linux?
The libdb1-compat package version is 2.1.3-7 and the libc6 is 2.3.1-17
Please advise,

Shashank Bhide
Oklahoma State University
405 744 7103 (Off)
405 744 7799 (Fax)

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