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CART Data Mining'04: First International CART(R) Conferences
       Focusing on the Data Mining technology of
 Leo Breiman, Jerome Friedman, Richard Olshen, Charles Stone
       (CART, MARS(R), TreeNet(tm), PRIM(tm)...)

              First Call For submissions

     US Venue:  San Francisco, March 23-25, 2004
     EU Venue:  Madrid,        May   25-26, 2004

  Conference home page: http://www.cartdatamining.com

 ---                                                    ---
 ---               CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS                 ---
 ---        Submission deadline: October 27, 2003       ---
 ---                                                    ---

Keynote Speakers:

Leo Breiman,     University of California, Berkeley
Jerome Friedman, Stanford University
Richard Olshen,  Stanford University
Charles Stone,   University of California, Berkeley

Conference Sponsor:         Salford Systems

The conferences are intended to serve several functions:

o A festschrift and opportunity to honor the four
authors of CART and meet with them in person. Each
is planning to offer a keynote paper.

o A venue to exchange ideas and experiences focused
on the practice of data mining.

o A networking opportunity leading to the creation of
local user  groups and the establishment of a user

o A place to learn about extensions to CART related
technology and anticipated future developments

o An opportunity to obtain both basic and advanced training
offered by practical and theoretical experts

The conference series will provide an opportunity for data mining
professionals to exchange ideas on the art and practice of the real
world analysis of complex data.  Contributed papers covering any
application of CART, MARS, PRIM, and TreeNet are encouraged,
including innovative and unusual applications.

Breiman's Random Forests will be the subject of an introductory
tutorial.  A workshop devoted solely to RF will be scheduled separately.

    Topics of Interest

We welcome applied data analysis papers from any industry or field of
Illustrative industry sessions under consideration and requesting papers

Financial Services
Targeted marketing, customer Acquisition
Fraud Detection
CRM: Customer Retention
Risk management and score card development
Loss management in insurance
Financial Markets Modeling
Stock Selection and Portfolio Management
Business Cycle Forecasting
Churn modeling
Collections management
Fraud detection
Bioinformatics, Healthcare and Medicine
DNA Microarray Data Analysis
Drug Discovery
Web Mining and Text Mining
User profiling
Recommendation Systems
Learning from Designed Experiments
Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control
Semiconductor quality control
Public Sector, Defense, Security

Papers may have a methological focus and cover any key area of
data mining such data quality assessment, missing value
imputation, feature selection, model selection, ensemble methods,
but should be rooted in a substantive industrial data mining
context and report on real world data.

Conference Participation

If you have an interest in attending or presenting at this conference
please let us know via email at info at cartdatamining.com. The conference
web site will contain a form for indicating the topic of a presentation
you are considering presenting.

Submission and Format of Papers

Presentations may be in the form of technical papers or power point
slide shows and are expected to last about 45 minutes. Technical papers
should not exceed 6,000 words (approximately 20 A4 pages) and power
point presentations should not exceed 40 slides.  If submitting
powerpoint please include additional detailed discussion notes.

We welcome submissions for either venue and expect that only a few
papers will be presented at both locations.


October 27,   2003    Submission deadline for contributed papers

December 22,  2003    Notification of paper/presentation acceptance

January  19,  2004   Camera-ready presentations due

March 23-24,  2004    main conference San Francisco
May   25-26   2004    Madrid conference

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