[R] Problem with package hdf5-1.4.7 in R-1.7.1

Norberto Eiji Nawa eiji at atr.co.jp
Wed Jul 9 00:37:45 CEST 2003


Has anyone successfully installed the package hdf5-1.4.7 in R version
1.7.1? I get a fatal error with a core dump (see below) whenever I try
to use hdf5load.

Since I'm in the process of moving to a new machine, I'm not sure
whether this is due to (my installations of) the HDF5 libs or the hdf5
package for R. Just for the record, the HDF5 data files were correctly
generated in the new machine (therefore, I assume the HDF5 libs are
good at least for outputting data). I could read them in my old
machine (R version 1.2.2).

Thanks for any help!


ps: Just in case, I left the test data file I used at
http://www.his.atr.co.jp/~eiji/R/ts3n0.hdf (240kB) 

--error log--

> library(hdf5)
> hdf5load("ts3n0.hdf")
R.bin: H5T.c:5729: H5T_set_size: Assertion `"not implemented yet" && 0' failed.

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