[R] a Q re. read source files in spatial package.

Yan Yu yanyu at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Jul 6 23:04:09 CEST 2003


I tried to read the source file related to variograms in the "spatial"
I copied part of the source file of "spatial" package as follows,
in the follwing lines, I want to read "VR_variogram" function, from
wrapped in .C(), I suppose it is a C function..
I searched in various sub directories of R, but I could not seem to find
DOes anyone know where can I find it?
thanks a lot in advance!

    315 variogram <- function(krig, nint, plotit=TRUE, ...)
    316 {
    317   z <- .C("VR_variogram",
    318           xp = double(nint),
    319           yp = double(nint),
    320           nint = as.integer(nint),
    321           as.double(krig$x),
    322           as.double(krig$y),
    323           if(krig$np > 0) as.double(krig$wz) else
    324           as.integer(length(krig$x)),
    325           cnt = integer(nint),
    326           PACKAGE = "spatial"

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