[R] the huge postscript plot

Yongchao Ge gyc at stat.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 5 09:56:49 CEST 2003

> Which points up that the problem is in your .ps viewer, nowhere else.
> That's not surprising; postscript is a *print* description language and
> primarily intended for high-quality printing.  For a long time postscript
> printers contained more powerful processors than workstations (let alone
> PCs).  Your example is not `painfully slow' on my printer (nor to view
> with ghostscript, to give due credit to the engine behind gv), but it is
> also not an interesting plot, nor is it `huge'.

Hi Prof Ripley

Thank you for this reply and clarifying the concepts for me. I am using
linux on a PC. It might be the reason that .ps viewer makes it slow. I
also tried the department workstation (kind of outdated). It's still
slow. "painful" might be an exaggeration, or it just happened on my PC,
sorry for using this word. The example itself is not interesting, but I
need to draw many figures with more than 60,000 points. The example is
just one plot. My latex document may contain many such plots. I guess I have to
live with the converting of png file to eps file by setting the ratio 1:1
as you said. For a letter size paper plot, it's 612x792.

Maybe a better  question might be: how to sample more points
for a letter size paper?

For example, just specifying png size  as 1224x1584 will get more sample
points to plot, but it doesn't look good as the character size, lwd, or
other par parameters have to increase twice as much.

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