[R] the huge postscript plot

Yongchao Ge gyc at stat.berkeley.edu
Sat Jul 5 01:06:18 CEST 2003


I'm just wondering how I can do to make a huge postscript plot be
manageable. My question is that I have to draw around 60,000 points which
makes it painfully slow to print or view in gv or put it into latex
document, though it is very fast to produce the postscript file.

A simple example is in the attachment.

Well, I found that if I use png or jpeg. It is much faster to view
the figure. The only problem is that the x label, y label are using
bitmapped font so it doesn't look as beautiful as postscript. Sometimes it
is just hard to read the legend which consists of information how to
interpret the figure.

My question is that if there are some options or packages such that when
we are plotting many points or lines, the plot uses the bitmapped (raster)
format, but for the characters, like the x label, y label, and the title,
it uses the native font.

pdf seems use the above approach and is very fast, but I have to use
pdf2ps to convert the pdf file to ps file. It is still slow. If you know
other good converter of pdf file to ps file, i will also very appreciate



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