[R] Error using Tsp

W. C. Thacker Carlisle.Thacker at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 3 20:24:27 CEST 2003

Hello all,

My first try with the fields library's Tsp function, trying to imitate 
the ozone example with my data, has resulted in the following error 

> fit <- Tps(as.matrix(all.60[,5:6]),as.vector(all.60[,3]))
Error in if (den < 0) { : missing value where logical needed
In addition: Warning messages: 
1: GCV search gives a minumum at the endpoints of the grid search in: 

Krig.find.gcvmin(info, lambda.grid, gcv.grid$GCV.one, Krig.fgcv.one,  
2: no finite arguments to max; returning -Inf 

What does the error message mean?  What am I doing wrong?



PS:  all.60 is a dataframe containing oceanographic data from 60m
 Columns 5 and 6 are longitude and latitude and column 3 is

PPS:  I'm using Windows XP
> version
platform i386-pc-mingw32
arch     i386           
os       mingw32        
system   i386, mingw32  
major    1              
minor    6.1            
year     2002           
month    11             
day      01             
language R

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