[R] Generating a vector for breaks in a histogram

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Jul 3 15:48:04 CEST 2003

Fantastic.  You're right, I was looking for seq().

However, my plan for using it for hist() was foiled!  

I thought if I did something like:

> b <- seq(0,500,10)
> hist(myvble,breaks=b)

It would bin myvble into the bins 0-50,50-100,100-150 etc and in that way I could ensure that two histograms are on the same scale with the same bins!

I get the following error:

Error in hist.default(Cy5, breaks = s) : some 'x' not counted; maybe 'breaks' do not span range of 'x'

Now this makes sense of course, my bins probably DON'T span the entire range of X.  SOOOOO I am still left with the same problem:

1) two variables
2) I want to draw histograms of both
3) I want them to have the SAME x-y scale on the graph
4) I want them to have the SAME bin range

How do i do it?  Any suggestions?


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Dear Mick,

Have a look at ?seq - seq(1,20,length=20) should do it.




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> Hi
> I have two lots of numbers which I would like to histogram 
> using the hist() function.  For comparative reasons, I want 
> them to be on the same scale, which I can use the xlim and 
> ylim options to achieve.
> However, having them on the same scale is meaningless unless 
> they have the same "breaks".  Consulting the documentation, 
> there are 4 ways of defining the number of breaks, only one 
> of which is "definite", the others merely form suggestions, 
> which I have found is not good enough.
> The only definite way is to provide a vector to the hist() 
> function which is a vector of the break points for the 
> histogram.  So I need to generate a vector that contains say, 
> 500, numbers in it, equi-distance apart between a min and a max.  EG:
> > myfunc(n=20,min=1,max=20) 
> would provide a vector, length 20, with the numbers 1 through 
> 20 in it.
> Is there a function in R that can do this?
> Thanks
> Mick
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