[R] Notification of Virus Prevention Measures Taken - Please Read for D etails

SAS Postmaster 62 replies-discarded at sas.com
Wed Jul 2 20:28:29 CEST 2003

Virus prevention measures at SAS Institute have removed a suspicious attachment from an email message that appears to have been sent from the address named below. (Note that some "From" addresses on mail messages are forged, so it is possible that this address was not actually involved.)  The attachment has been permanently deleted, and did not reach the recipient. Viruses can range from extremely destructive ones that mass propagate to very minor ones that are intended as a "joke".

If you are the sender, the possibility exists that your PC is infected and you should investigate this immediately.  Please disconnect your PC from the network immediately and call your Help Desk for support. 

SAS staff can refer to http://sww.sas.com/helpdesk/virusdoc.htm for general virus information.

Sender: r-announce at lists.r-project.org
Recipient(s):  <Yi.Liao at sas.com>
Received:  Wed Jul 02 14:28:29 2003
Subject:  Re: Movie

Virus Detected and Action Taken: The file (your_details.zip/details.pif) was infected with the WORM_SOBIG.E computer virus. The following action has been taken: remove.

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