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At 18:48 30/06/2003, Martin Wegmann wrote:
>I want to do a test for spatial correlation.
>I tried it with geary.test() but I don't understand the required input.
>x= a numeric vector the same length as the neighbours list in listw (my
>sampled data, I assume)
>listw= a listw object created for example by nb2listw (well when I check
>nb2listw() I get to "neighbours - an object of class nb" - but I couldn't
>figure out, what nb is or how I create such a class
>with sp.mantel.mc {spdep} I have the same problem: listw created by
>isn't there a more straight forward method ;-)  to check for spatial
>correlation? like x and y coordinates plus my sampled data?

Check out the notes from a short course in Spatial Epidemiology by Best et
al., at http://stats.ma.ic.ac.uk/~ngb30/.  They have S-plus code to run
Moran's I and Tango's test for spatial correlation that use disease counts
in small areas and their X and Y coordinates.  

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