[R] png()/jpeg()

Wilkinson, Mark Mark.Wilkinson at stjude.org
Fri Jan 31 21:13:03 CET 2003

When I execute the following code, it works just like I want it to: three
pages of nine (or fewer) plots.  However, when I execute the code with the
first and last lines uncommented, I get three pages (files), but the 2nd &
3rd pages have overlapping plots.  It's like a new page wasn't created.  

I'm pretty sure I've either misplaced or left out a crucial call to some
function, but I'm not sure where. Please help.

#png(width=937, height=703, pointsize=15)
for (i in seq(1, 24, 9)) {
  par(mfrow=c(3, 3))
  for (gt in i:min((i+8), 24)) {
    for (j in 1:20) { 
      lines(density(rnorm(1000)), lty=4, col="gray")


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