[R] Question about trellis graphs

Andrew C. Ward s195404 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Jan 31 03:01:03 CET 2003


The scales argument of lattice plots achieve this.
For instance you could have
   xyplot(y ~ x, data=my.data, scales=list(x=list(at=c(0, 0.1, 0.2), 
          labels=c("0.0", "0.1", "0.2"))))

Check out ?xyplot for a lot more detail on this
and other arguments to lattice functions.


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Quoting cmorab at bellsouth.net:

> Dear List Members
> I'm using R to create a trellis plot using the library of Pinheiro & Bates
> (trellis graph for grouped data). Here is my question: How can I change the
> format of the axis (x or y) in terms of the number decimal points that
> should appear on the plot? In other words, I have that for a set of plots in
> the y-axis the values appear as 0.2,0.3, etc and for another set they appear
> as 0.20,0.30 etc and I want both to look identical.
> Thanks for any hint
> Christian
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