[R] How to run the simulations in the background

Hedderik van Rijn hedderik at cmu.edu
Wed Jan 29 07:00:05 CET 2003

> I do the computational works usually in the Linux system.
> I want to know how to run the R simulation in the background.
> I went to the R-FAQ pages but i did not find it.
> p.s.) Splus BATCH mysim.s out & is typed in case of Splus simulation.

R's manual page (man R) gives the list of commands one can invoke R 
with. One of them is "BATCH".

R BATCH mysim.r &

runs the mysim.r script in the background, all output is send to 

Another way to do sort of the same is:

R < mysim.r > out &

which is also referred to in the manual page.

  - Hedderik.

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