[R] survey package

Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Sat Jan 25 21:33:03 CET 2003

A new package `survey' for analysing complex survey samples is on CRAN.
It handles stratification, clustering, and unequal sampling probabilities
in descriptive statistics, glms, and general maximum likelihood fitting.
The package is still under development:
  - it doesn't do the finite population correction to variances
  - it needs some real life worked examples

Most importantly, though, I don't do this sort of analysis routinely, so
it's possible that some part of the interface is completely insane from
the viewpoint of practising survey statisticians. Now would be an
excellent time to complain.


Thomas Lumley			Asst. Professor, Biostatistics
tlumley at u.washington.edu	University of Washington, Seattle

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