[R] What´s wrong with update.packages()

Kenneth Cabrera krcabrer at perseus.unalmed.edu.co
Fri Jan 24 14:40:03 CET 2003

Hi R users:
I'm using R 1.6.2 version in W2K platform.
When I use update.packages() to update from the CRAN site it shows me
several outdated packages, for example

tseries :
 Version 0.9-6 in C:/rw1062/library
 Version 0.9-7 on CRAN

The system download them without any problem.

When the program ask me:

Delete downloaded files (y/N)?

I answer "n"

But when I use again the same update.packages() function, it appears the
same packages that it was supposed to be updated, with the same messages.

Or if I call a package, for example 'tseries' it appears:

        `tseries' version: 0.9-6
        `tseries' is a package for time series analysis
         and computational finance.
         See `library (help=tseries)' for details.

The old package version, not the 0.9-7 new version.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help

Kenneth Cabrera

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