[R] Summary: Warnings with no INDEX file in a package

David Kane <David Kane a296180 at arbres1a.fmr.com
Thu Jan 23 20:18:02 CET 2003

Thanks to Henrik Bengtsson, Martin Maechler, Brian Ripley, Jeff Gentry and
David Brahm for taking the time to answer my questions about INDEX files in R

My key take-aways were:

1) All of this will be changing a lot in R 1.7.0-to-be, so don't sweat the

2) Many people run R CMD build before they run R CMD check. I found this quite
   surprising. I did not realize that R CMD build actually *changes* the contents
   of your package by, at least, adding an INDEX file if one is not there. I do
   not see this behavior documented in the help for R CMD build. As a simple

agate|tmp> ls pyri.check
agate|tmp> R CMD build pyri.check
* checking for file 'pyri.check/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* preparing 'pyri.check':
* checking whether 'INDEX' is up-to-date ... NO
* creating new 'INDEX'
* removing junk files
* building 'pyri.check_1.5.tar.gz'

agate|tmp> ls pyri.check
CVS		INDEX		inst

When I first run R CMD check, I get a warning about the lack of an INDEX. But,
since R CMD build creates the index for me, I can now run R CMD check and get
no warnings.

My mistake was to interpret:

"* creating new 'INDEX'"

to mean:

"Making an INDEX file and putting it in your .gz file while leaving your
original package unchanged."

Thanks to all for clarifying this for me.

Dave Kane

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