[R] Re: R and gdb (still)

Pierre-Andre Cornillon pac at Uhb.Fr
Wed Jan 22 16:42:34 CET 2003


I (tried to) follow your advice and set as gdb-doc explain a breakpoint
on the C function which have also the same name foo and it doesn't work.
I tried to change the name of the file (in case of some mess between
file's name and function's name) but, as I expected, nothing change (that
was the last chance attempt).

I just give up and this R-debugger problem on sparc-linux will wait until
I change/upgrade the whole operating system (in the next millenium ?).

Thanks a lot for all your ideas

Pierre-Andre Cornillon

On 21 Jan 2003, Douglas Bates wrote:

> You are setting a breakpoint at an explicit line number
> (gdb) b foo.c:21
> Breakpoint 1 at 0x705c6004: file foo.c, line 21.
> A safer way of setting the breakpoint is on the function name that the
> R function "foo" calls through .C or .Call.  That way you are ensured
> that the breakpoint will be encountered.  Line numbering within the
> debugger can be peculiar and it may happen that the debugger never
> gets to a point that it recognizes as being on line 21.
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