[R] newbie: data frame to vector

Eric Peterson peterson at heritage.nv.gov
Tue Jan 21 22:48:03 CET 2003

Sorry, but I'm very new to R.  I'm trying to figure out how to convert a
column from a data frame to a vector.  More specifically, I have read in a
comma separated value table which contains a number of variables in columns,
plots in rows...

t <- read.table("G:/R/table1.txt", sep=",", header=TRUE)

the data comes in just fine.  Now I want to do an XY plot of 2 variables and
will be doing some statistical analyses on them.  But

plot(t["Var1"], t["Var2"])

Gives me the error, "Error in pmatch(x, table, duplicates.ok) :
        argument is not of mode character"


v1 <- t["Var1"]
v2 <- t["Var2"]
plot(v1, v2)

gives me the same error (of course) and v1 does not display the same as a
vector; it looks like it is an array(?)


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Nevada Natural Heritage Program
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