[R] Logistic regression: At times correlation matrix of coe

(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 21 11:05:06 CET 2003

On 21-Jan-03 Prof Brian D Ripley wrote:
> Does anyone think that the current arrangement (use this scheme
> for more than 4 coefficients) is sensible?

Not particularly, I think.

> Surely the abbreviations are not ("(" for intercept?), and why is
> the diagonal being shown but the top row and last column have been
> omitted?   If the whole matrix was shown, the column labels could
> be omitted.

Agreed; and not only is the whole thing ugly, but it is visually
difficult to interpret.

> I'd much prefer symbolic.cor=FALSE to be the default.

Hear, Hear! I stubbed my toe on this myself a while ago, until some
kind souls on the list directed me to this option (lurking not where
I had been groping for it ... ). When one needs this matrix, it is
usually because one wants to get at the numerical values.


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