[R] bayesian text classification...

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Tue Jan 21 07:27:04 CET 2003

for Spam.

In the process of setting up a more effective spam filtering system, I
just noticed that bogofilter, which implements extensions of the (a?) 
"Naive Bayes" text classification approach, will dump out R data
frames; the man page suggests how to "integrate" it with R for
verification.  (sort of, that is).

Anyway, for those of you looking for silly and perhaps interesting
problems/datasets for your engineering or comp-sci statistics classes,
this one looks quite amusing...

Looks like Eric Raymond knows (about) R -- a script is apparently
included in the source according to the man page, though I couldn't
find it in the Debian package.

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