[R] Built-in R GUI type features

John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 16 15:53:05 CET 2003

Tow packages (widgetTools and tkWidgets) in www.bioconductor.org web site may be 
of interest to you. widgetTools allows users to build widgets using R (without 
having to know any tcl/tk or R tcltk command). tkWidgets contains widgets for 
data import, file/object selection ....

>The select.list() command brings up a "modal dialog box with a (scrollable)
>list of items ..." etc. -- i.e., a GUI control. I also know about winDialog,
>file.choose and the winMenu commands. What other such GUIisms are built into
>** base ** R (I know about the tcltk package)? Or, better yet, how can I
>search on or list them?
>Many thanks.
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