[R] ineq

Steinar Bjerve steinar at math.uio.no
Tue Jan 14 14:24:08 CET 2003

Dear Achim

I am trying again  to install ineq.  I succeeded to install it before by 
simply including the downloaded ineq-folder in the library folder.

Now I get  among other things:
  > library(ineq, help, lib.loc = T , logical.return = T)
Warning message:
There is no package called `ineq' in: library(ineq, help, lib.loc = T, 
logical.return = T)


It says under the Note in ?library, that the  `DESCRIPTION' file should 
contain a
     Built:' field, which it does not.

I hope you can give some advice.


Steinar Bjerve         www.math.uio.no/~steinar/
Amor Fati ,

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