[R] sink() & windows printing

Simpson, William William.Simpson at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Mon Jan 13 20:55:04 CET 2003

Thanks again Brian.
> > >  Under current R, of course: I 
> > > don't have such 
> > > an old version around.)
> > I don't have the proper privileges to install software on 
> this machine so it
> > is difficult for me to update very often.
> R needs no privileges to install: our students do it from 
> user accounts 
> all the time.
Perhaps your computers are set up differently.
It was a while ago, but as I recall, the installation did not complete. I
don't remember the exact message but it basically said you need to be
superuser to fiddle with the registry, which is what the r-install wanted to

The only time I can install software is when I just have an .exe file. The
ones that go via "Installation Wizard" always need a superuser in my

> > > > I checked the R bugs archive and did not see this one listed.
> > > 
> > > It's for bugs in R, so unsurprisingly does not cover 
> Windows printing.
> > The bug would be that R's sink() function screws up 
> Windows's printing
> > somehow...
> But it's *Notepad* that does the printing, not R.
I thought *Windows* does the printing. (I don't know much about how windows
works). Sorry if I wasn't clear. After doing R's sink() I can't print from
*any* program.
I thought R's sink() told *Windows* something about the output file. So for
example a user can't delete it while R has it open for output. I thought
that what R told windows about the file somehow screwed up printing

Otherwise I don't see why only R's sink() should trigger this printing
problem. There quite definitely is a causal connection.


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